Italians do it worse

Two news this week made me think that future for Italy will be darker and darker and darker: only one person of five (17% for precision), aged between 24 and 34, has got a degree ... This sets Italy behind countries like Chile and Mexico, far far away from the excellence of Russian Federation and Canada (55%); moreover, 18.6% of young guys between 15 and 26 years has no work, the worst result since 1983.

But our Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi keeps saying that italian economy is strong ...

Do I remember bad or he is the 2nd richest person in Italy?
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Bad Moments

Never a song resembled my situation better than the first part of this one ... I wonder wether there will be the refrain too, I really hope not to be alone

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Queen Yelena

Rome, Golden Gala, 23:15: the queen is back to fly. All other competitions are over, the whole crowd cheers her, she looks the bar, 5m03 over the ground, and starts to run ... Now 12 august 2005, Helsinki World Championships and the 5m01 record are only a far and faded memory ... The reign of Queen Yelena from Volgograd has never been so strong!!! 

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Poetic Mood

"Angels are like diamonds: u can only be lucky of finding one ... and each one is unique."

I really hope to have found my diamond ...
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Poetry Pills/1

Ode to a Woman

A man can walk along the most beautiful shores;
A man can climb the highest and wildest peaks;
A man can explore the deepest oceans ...
... but nothing could ever give him
the same emotions as three simple words
spoken by the loved woman:

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Magic Moments

Irish music, especially if played LIVE, is touching and relaxing, deep and involving ... in one word it's MAGIC. If you are ready to dream, just close your eyes and listen ...
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Dal Molin US Army base

Yesterday almost 80.000 people met themselves in Vicenza, fighting cold, to show their position against the building of a new american military base in the city.

The "Dal Molin case" was born in 2005, when the former Council President Silvio Berlusconi and the Vicenza major Hullweck (without  letting people know about that)  found agreement for allowing US Army to build a new base. The base, which is supposed to rise in the civil airport Dal Molin, would put together the 173 Airborne Brigade, nowadays stationed half in Aviano and half in Germany; target of this operation is being able of making fast military actions in Middle-Eastern regions, full in strategic resources. 
This project is devastating from both the social and the environmental aspects, especially in a city which is under Unesco's protection.

Most people give part of the guilt to Prodi's government, but I think that he couldn't have done anything different, since the agreement had already been reached.
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Gulash Party

Today me and my colleagues made a little party in our office: our friend Silvia cooked Gulash while we bought brad, salame and snacks.
We really had great time and we decided to open the Царская Водка bottle bought by me this august in St. Pitersburg ...

The results can easily be seen )))))))))))))
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Funny pictures

Today I was walking through Milan when I remembered a picture taken in Suzdal during my russian travel...

As clearly shown by the image, my brain's age is different from both my Identity Card (26) and my biological one (21, as comes out from the test which can be found in Julchonok LiveJournal's 2nd september post) ... my REAL BRAIN'S age is 15 :( !!!!!